Sunday, March 5


Vance Joy - ' Riptide '

12th January of 2011

That was the day when I went hunting for my special journal with special blank pages. I am still faithful to it, but not so much to anything else. I always had to write to write. Or read to read. I love my journal still, it has aged. It is more special. It has a dream to have all the blank spaces filled out and it is getting there. I am not.

5th March of 2017

Well, hello.
It's me.
How did I end up here again, tell me, how ?
And here I am on Sunday night. Trying to escape sleep. Enough sleep for today. I keep misplacing things in my dreams. And finding them when I am awake.
I need a plan. Is '' I need a plan '', a plan ? First, I will write a letter to people of when I first started this.

Dear people of 2008,
Social media is making me crazy.

Sometimes it makes perfect sense to me not to wear contact lenses, I don't want to see. Ignorance is the key.

Sunday people. Happy Sunday.
I am back and see you very soon.

With lots of luck,

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